Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the event?

  • Registration (Provide email confirmation of purchased ticket and show your British Passport)
  • One to one rotations followed by group rotations.
  • Lunch - Depending on the venue, food may be provided.
  • Prayer breaks will be provided.
  • Follow-up one to ones (only if approved by both parties)

How does the event work?

  • At each table, each female will sit opposite a male (on the side of a round table) 
  • The males will rotate around the table having a 1:1 with each female.
  • Once each male has spoken to each female on a 1:1 basis, each person will twist their chair so that they are all facing the table. A question will be posed on the mic and a group discussion will take place responding to the question.
  • The males will then move to the next table and repeat the process above. This will be the system adopted at each table.

How does matching work at the event?

  • Upon entering the event, each participant will be asked to complete a mini profile stating their: Name, Age, Location, Ethnicity, Occupation and Marital Status.
  • Each profile will be allocated a number and each participant will be given a badge to wear with their profile number on it.
  • During the event, each participant should be taking note of the badge numbers of those they consider as potentials. (Also each profile will be available to review at all times on the side).
  • During the final segment of the event, participants can approach the volunteers and state the badge numbers of those they considered as potentials. The volunteers will approach the potentials and obtain their view.
  • If the feeling is mutual, the volunteers will arrange for a further 1:1 to take place between the matches.
  • If the feeling is not mutual, the volunteers will subtly make the relevant person aware.

Can I exchange details with matches?

  • With any matches, we advocate the Islamic way and that is to involve families immediately.
  • All matches should get to know each other within the correct Islamic parameters.
  • What should not be happening is that a male and female get to know one another after the event on their own. If this happens, you do so at your own risk! And if this happens, please do not use this against us on the Day of Judgment because we provide this platform in light of Islamic values only. Therefore, if anyone decides to use our platform in the wrong way, then this is on them and they must take responsibility for their own actions on the Day of Judgment.

Is there a minimum age requirement for participants and chaperones?

  • All participants and chaperones must be 18 or over.

Who can attend the event?

  • All participants must be Muslim.
  • All participants must be single (and not currently married).
  • All participants must be of British Nationality - i.e. have a British Passport.
  • All participants must be aged 18 or over.

What do I need to bring on the day?

  • Email confirmation of your purchased ticket.
  • Your British Passport.

Will there be an equal ratio of males and females?

  • Single Muslims Marriage Events aim to provide a balanced ratio at each event.

Will my data be shared with anyone?

  • Your data will not be shared with anyone.
  • However, we may keep your contact details to inform you of any future events.
  • However, generic Information on your mini profile will be displayed on the day of the event (see above).

Can divorcees attend the event?

  • Yes

Do participants have to reach a certain level of ‘religiousness’ in order to attend the event?

  • No. All events are open to all Muslims regardless of how ‘practicing’ they are.

What happens if I have paid for an event but then cannot attend?

  • If you cannot attend after purchasing a ticket, unfortunately no refunds will be given and tickets cannot be transferred to any future events.

What happens if I do not bring my British Passport on the day of the event?

  • You will be refused entry without a refund.

What happens if I arrive late at an event that I have booked a ticket for?

  • If you arrive late to an event, you will be refused entry. A refund will not be given in such circumstances.

What is a Group/Table Rotations Only Event?

  • This is a shorter and quicker version of our usual event
  • An event where there will only be Group/Table Rotations
  • There will be no One to One rotations
  • One to Ones will only take place between people who match at the end

What is your refunds policy?

  • All bookings are final and non-refundable regardless of whether a suitable match is found or not.
  • If you are refused entry due to not bringing a British Passport, refunds will not be given.
  • If you are refused entry due to arriving late, refunds will not be given.
  • Refunds will only be given if an event is cancelled.

How many people will be attending an event?

We will not know the exact figures of attendance until the day of the event due last-minute bookings. Also on occasions, after purchasing a ticket some people may not attend. In light of this, please do not contact us about the numbers attending. In any event, we do not take responsibility of the number of people that attend an event. Therefore, all attendees will attend at their own risk'

What are the ages of the people attending an event?

We do not know the age of any participant until the day of the event (unless an event is age-grouped). Therefore, all attendees will attend at their own risk.