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About us

A platform to meet single Muslims in a halal environment. We are the only organisation that hold events where every participant can take part in both quality one to one discussions as well as group discussions. We hold events throughout the UK including Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and London In-sha-Allah

How our events work

Registration (Provide email confirmation of purchased ticket and show your British Passport).
One to one rotations followed by group rotations.
Follow-up one to ones (only if approved by both parties).

Our Vision

A huge number of British Muslims are unable to find the right partner for marriage. One major cause for this is the fact that many Muslims have no avenue that can lead them to possible potentials for marriage. We aim to solve this problem by creating the opportunity for Muslim brothers and sisters to meet individuals who are looking for marriage in a halal and friendly environment

What makes us Different?

We have come up with a new concept in how we hold our events.
Each participant will have the opportunity to both:

1) Speak to everyone on a one to one basis
2) Speak to everyone as part of a group discussion 

Rules regarding female participants

Each female participant must attend events with a:
1) Mehram (i.e. father, brother etc).
2) Family member (if a mehram cannot attend)
3) Friend (if a mehram or family member cannot attend)

Refunds Policy

All bookings are final and non-refundable.
If you are refused entry due to not bringing a British Passport, refunds will not be given.
If you are refused entry due to arriving late, refunds will not be given.
Refunds will only be given if an event is cancelled.